I get asked what cameras, lenses, and gear I use pretty often and because of this I wanted to share with you all what gear I have been using. Not included are software bundles like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google's Nik Collection, etc. Please note that each of the products linked below contain both affiliate and non-affiliate links. If you choose to support this site with your purchases on Amazon, I greatly appreciate it. If you'd prefer just to go to the product, please click the non-affiliate link. *If the product name is linked, that will take you to the product review. 


I've been using Canon's 5D Mk. II and Mk. III since making my jump to full-frame digital photography. I loved the 5D Mk. III until it took an unfortunate trip over the edge of a waterfall in Iceland (story here), but I would recommend that camera in a heartbeat. I have used the 5D Mk. IV as well and can say that it's loads better than the 5D Mk. III and I plan on continuing to use Canon products for the foreseeable future. 

Canon 5D Mk. IV on Amazon - Affiliate Link  /  Non-Affiliate Link


Ever since buying the 5D Mk. II, I have been seeking out the lenses that best compliment my photography. I love doing wide-angle landscape photography and whole-heartedly recommend the lenses below. I'll link to product reviews that I have written where available. 

Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS on AmazonAffiliate Link  / Non-Affiliate Link
Canon 17-40mm f/4L on AmazonAffiliate Link / Non-Affiliate Link
Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS on AmazonAffiliate Link  / Non-Affiliate Link
Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS on AmazonAffiliate Link  / Non-Affiliate Link
Canon 16-35mm f/4L on AmazonAffiliate Link  / Non-Affiliate Link


When I first got started in full-frame digital photography, I bought a Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod set and it was a pretty good solution for a while. As my needs grew, my gear did too. Shortly after, I got introduced to neutral density and graduated neutral density filters. My camera backpack needs grew as well to accommodate all of this gear...it's a never=ending cycle. 

Gitzo GT0532 Mountaineer Tripod Ser.0 3S (Black) - Affiliate Link  / Non-Affiliate Link
Benro B3 Double Action Ballhead - Affiliate Link  /  Non-Affiliate Link 
B+W 77mm ND Filter 3.0 1000x - Affiliate Link  /  Non-Affiliate Link
Ona Union Messenger Bag - Affiliate Link  /  Non-Affiliate Link
SanDisk 64GB CF Card - Affiliate Link  /  Non-Affiliate Link
SanDish 128CB CF Card - Affiliate Link Non-Affiliate Link
BlackRapid Classic Camera Strap - Affiliate Link  /  Non-Affiliate Link
Canon Speedlite 600ex II - Affiliate Link  / Non-Affiliate Link

F-Stop Tilopa Backpack - Non-Affiliate Link
Really Right Stuff L Plates for Canon Cameras - Non-Affiliate Link
Singh-Ray Galen Rowell Graduated ND Filters - Non-Affiliate Link
Singh-Ray Daryl Benson Reverse Grad. ND Filters - Non-Affiliate Link