What I've Been Up To - June 2015

Hello all, it's been a while! 

Sorry for the lack of content lately, I haven't had much free time to write and do photography recently. Not a great excuse, but it's better than me saying that I was abducted by aliens. I don't know how many of you know this but I'm not a full-time photographer, I do photography whenever I get a chance but I do work a job and that has been taking up a lot of my time as of late. But there is good news in there too!


Going back a couple of months, I began meeting with a friend of mine about getting some advice for selling on Amazon. I was the director of marketing for an outdoor furniture company at the time, and we were seeking to increase our sales through our Amazon channel. His advice and some selective advertising led to a significant increase in sales. He is a partner at a digital marketing agency and said that there might an opening in his company down the road if I would be interested. 

The next 30 days were a blur: I was offered a job at his agency which I gladly took, I finished my time at the patio furniture company, I was a groomsmen in my best friends' wedding, traveled to see my family, and started at the marketing agency. That's why I haven't been as active on this blog (and doing photography) as I would prefer BUT that doesn't mean there isn't news to share on that front as well! 


That's right, I was asked to write an article about my favorite long weekend trips in Colorado! I had two images featured in the article as well! This was my first time being published in a national magazine and it was such an amazing experience to see my photography in a magazine. I'm contacting the magazine to get a tear sheet of the article so I can frame it. You can find that article on their site here.


I had tried Rick Louie's Rokinon 14mm lens before and loved it, so I picked one up for myself as well. So far, my initial thoughts are that I'm very pleased with the image quality but the manual focus takes a little getting used to. Here are a few photos I've taken with the lens so far! 

There will be more news shortly too! My new job will allow me the time to start doing more photography as well as perhaps an interesting partnership. Down the road we might be building a system to help sell artwork for artists as well, so be on the lookout if that comes to fruition. I'll be resuming the Versus series as well starting next week.