Stupid Falls | Crested Butte Landscape Photographer

If anyone knows me, I'm a sucker for waterfalls. I flagrantly disregard TLC's advice in their 1995 hit "Waterfalls" when they say "don't go chasing waterfalls". We're all drawn to waterfalls, they are beautiful, powerful, and yet calming. Now what's even better is finding a waterfall that not a lot of people know about, being able to visit the spectacle whenever you so wanted and not worry about other people showing up. I know a few places likes this, some locations I freely share with other photographers and some locations I need a beer or two in me before I tell. 

Stupid Falls, otherwise known at Upper East Falls, near Crested Butte is a strange waterfall to me. It is beautiful no doubt, but its difficulty to view this waterfall up close always makes for an adventure. Down at the bottom of the trail is a giant log that holds back the river and creates a nice landing to stand on and actually be below the level of the river. What I love about this waterfall is that each time I visit, I'm able to capture something new. That doesn't always happen, in fact, that's pretty difficult because usually one view trumps all others. Not the case with Stupid Falls, no view is necessarily the stunner  but every view offers a unique take on the scene.

For example; below I have 3 photos from different visits. Taken between 2009 and 2013, I visited the falls many, many times and walked away with some pretty good photography in my visits. Enjoy! 

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