Lake Ice Formations - Blue Mesa Reservoir, CO

Every so often, we stumble upon something unexpected, something almost enchanting and they are regularly buried in the details of the mundane. When I lived in Gunnison, CO I would take frequent trips to Blue Mesa Reservoir for photography. It was where I practiced taking ultra-long exposures, where I learned how to photograph the Milky Way, and where I went when I was just looking for something to photograph. It was a special place for me and became more special one winter evening.

I was working at a Best Western motel at the time, it was cold and in the dead of winter, and I was bored. After work, I made a beeline out to Blue Mesa because I thought there would be a gorgeous sunset, the clouds just had that look. I walked around on the lake ice for a little while, just waiting for the sun to set and almost tripped on a piece of ice that was sticking up out of the thick ice. When I looked down, I saw a scene that would change the way I viewed ice.

There were these "icicles" that were sticking up from the ice, something I haven't seen before or since. Some were quite brittle and yet a few were pretty sturdy, thick ice emerging from the fresh layer of snow. They were quite short, only a few inches tall but the scene demanded a closer look. Still wearing my dress shirt, slacks, and tie from work I laid on the snow and sought a lower viewpoint. The sunlight refracted through the icicle and I found that magical scene in the mundane. When you're out walking, trying to find something to shoot, look down, get low, and take in the details!


Click the photo to purchase a print from  my store

Click the photo to purchase a print from my store