Dead Horse Point State Park Sunrise

I was expecting to be cold, miserable, and tired. We woke up at just before 5:30am at our motel in Moab and quickly hit the road the capture Dead Horse Point State Park at sunrise. It's dark but the sky isn't looking very promising. While clear weather is welcomed by everyone hoping to do outdoor activities, we photographers are a different breed. The oft quoted line goes like this "bad weather makes for great photos" and it's mostly true. Too bad for us on this morning, it's beautiful. 

We arrive at Dead Horse Point State Park just as the pre-dawn light starts to illuminate the darkened landscape before us and we are treated to a surprise. Clouds off to the west are going to make for a great sunrise and we might even get some great color! Rick Louie and I are now exciting and the blood starts to flow as we set up our tripods. We had done some "creative walking" and were now perched on the side of a cliff that looks like any type of fall would most certainly be fatal. It's an odd dichotomy sometimes, photographing a peaceful and beautiful scene all the while trying not to fall off a cliff. 

 Just a little while later, the sun came up and truly made for a remarkable scene. The towering cliffs over the Colorado River, the canyons craved by the winding river, and the desert landscape all make for an intoxicating view while perched a top a cliff. 

Click on the photo to buy a print

Click on the photo to buy a print

After we had shot quite a few photos and the light turned into daylight, Rick and I realized just how hungry we had become and heading back into Moab to fill up at the Love Muffin Cafe. I had a delectable chorizo sausage biscuits and gravy that made me think about moving to Moab, just so I could have access to a breakfast like that every morning.