I'm Launching a Store!

For several years now I have been advising clients on how to improve and grow their sales on marketplaces like Amazon, I have always thought about setting up my own store and seeing how well I can take my own advice. I created my Amazon store a few nights ago and I’m in the process of identifying which photo I’m going to initially make available for sale.

This might actually be the hardest part of this journey because I don’t have the resources to make multiple sizes of multiple photos, so I’m going with one size of one photo to start. I have decided that I’m going to print on metal because that is the preferred medium for most of my clients and because it’s more durable that canvas. I’m going to start with a 12x18” metal print so I can keep the retail cost down to the level where people would buy it without considering it an investment, which is typically how I market my photos. Lastly, I’m going to utilize Amazon’s FBA program so customers can get prints very quickly with free shipping; something I’ve never been able to offer because of the inherent cost of shipping.

So, all I need to figure out is which photo. Do I go with my best seller? Do I go with something location independent so people across the country can appreciate it or do I go with an iconic view to appeal to fans of that view? My thought is going with something that is location independent and very colorful. What I need is a vote on which photo to sell. If you read this, please vote on whether you think the top or the bottom photo would be a better selection.


So that’s the plan for now, just trying to get my ducks in a row before I set out on this journey. It’s something that I have been thinking about doing for quite some time and I had a really good conversation with a talented photographer who is a friend of mine, he asked me an important question, “do you think soccer moms in the midwest would want to buy your photo?” I’ve said for years to clients that their product has to appeal to soccer moms in the midwest so it was fitting that he asked me that question.

When I launch my storefront, I’ll buy sure to put a link here so you can check it out.