Have you ever wanted to improve your photography and learn how to take better photos? Have you been outside in a beautiful and scenic area and wondered how best to compose, capture, and create a masterful photo? How about these common ones; which camera should I buy and why? Should I buy a wide-angle lens or get a telephoto lens? I have a dozen years of photography experience to draw from and this site is designed to help you find useful information about photography, tutorials on how to get better, information on cameras and lens, and trip reports to incredible areas to better your photographic journey. 


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I have a few blogs that I'm currently working on, but I wanted to highlight one blog from the get-go. One of my most popular blogs on my previous blog was my review of VSCO Film 01 and its advantages and the disadvantages of using those Lightroom presets. You can find that blog by clicking here, or explore any of the articles below to find helpful resources, trip reports, and tutorials. 

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